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mac (Archived) Screenshot below the fold?

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Are there any plans to enable screenshots 'below the fold' in Skitch? I frequently need to make screenshots of long webpages - which Skitch is unable to do.


I currently have to use the AwesomeScreenshot Chrome extension - which gets the job done - but is an inefficient workflow for getting the screenshot into Skitch/Evernote.


This would be be the single most important improvement to Skitch for me. Any plans?


Alternatively, does anyone have recommendations for other (Mac) apps which play nicely with Skitch/Evernote and can do below-the-fold screenshots?





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@Robin2 - Currently we cannot make screenshots of full pages due to the way OS X 10.8.x security sandboxing works. Because of these security restrictions we're unable to utilize Safari for full screen capture.


That said we are investigating a workaround. No eta on when it'll be done, but it's actively being pursued. 

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