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(Archived) Why does Evernote ask for Location Data?

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Hello everyone!


I just made the jump from OneNote to Evernote today, and I really love the Mac client. I use it on Windows, OS X, and iOS, and so far, I like what I see. I have a few questions though:


  1. Why does every version of Evernote ask for location data? I understand you can decline it, but why does it use it in the first place, if they are simply notes?
  2. Where can we submit feedback or ideas to make Evernote better?

Thanks in advance!

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Because you can also track/search your notes based on the location that you created them.


You can submit ideas here - it's a user forum but Evernote staff do read it, don't expect them to necessarily respond though. Or you can go direct to Evernote by opening a support ticket.

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