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Feature request: copy formatting (layout), reset formatting, select multiple lines




I use Evernote both for business and private, it's great! However, we have many notes that we want to create with same layout which currently is not possible.

It would be nice to have a button to copy the selected layout to a new line (Windows or Mac client). See it like the paintbrush icon in eg. Microsoft Office apps. 


On the other hand, when we have used webclipper to copy/paste things or copied articles and want it to become plain text, it would be nice to select an area or everything in the note and be able to clear the layout.


Last but not least it would be nice if we were able to select multiple lines of text (some selected lines, then some not, and later in the note some other lines) and change the formatting (font, color) or copy it etc. 



Hope it gets implementend some way. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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Hi AirtjE,


Welcome to the forums.


I am sure you are aware of copying and pasting by either using 'Paste' which keeps formatting or 'Paste as Text' which uses the current Notes format.


Have you tried using 'Clearly' instead of 'Clipper'? You may find this helpful. Or indeed as mentioned above if you copy from the web then use 'Paste as Text' it may help.


I do like the idea of being able to select multiple unjoined (is that a word!!) lines in a Note and change the format. That would be a very useful feature.


Best regards



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A button to clear formatting and reset to normal basic text (like microsoft outlook offers when writing a new email) would be very useful. 

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The office paintbrush functionality is still needed. Paste as Text is a solution at the time of pasting but once the text is there and you want to make things consistent format wise, I see no way to do that. So I have very messy notes. (PC user only.)



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Hi AirtjE,


I don't know if you heard about kustomnote.com - they offer advanced functionality for evernote note designs and I believe they will fill your needs.




Good Luck.




Not to rain on the parade, but frankly, I prefer the app as a light weight editor (I can always edit advanced stuff on other programs and paste it all in)... It keeps me focused on what's important, the data.


Also, keeping Evernote lightweight, would allow Evernote to be regarded as a platform and develop an ecosystem that we will sorely miss if it was all built in...



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