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evernote business Creating Forms/Templates in Evernote

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Does anyone have experience creating forms or templates in Evernote and using them to standardize data collection? I'm investigating better photodocumentation tools to improve how we conduct our business. I'm interested in user experiences and also to talk to a developer.

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Hey there,


Have you checked out KustomNote? This third party app is great for templates, and they now integrate with Evernote Business: http://kustomnote.com/


If you don't want to use a third party, then it comes down to organization. For example, you could have two notebooks, one called template, and one called completed form. Mock up a templete that presents the information you would like to use. Once you're happy, duplicate it a bunch of times in the 'template' notebook. Then the workflow could be as follows:


-Open template notebook

-Open blank template

-Fill out template with all the info needed

-Move note completed form into the 'completed form' notebook. 

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Thanks for pointing me towards KustomNote. It's what I had in mind.

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Hi Everyone
My name is Matt Doyle I am the founder of Launchcloud.comWe help companies digitise paper work and gain insights from the captured data.
We working closely with Evernote on an integration. 
This could mean powerful forms in Evernote. 
Can you let me know what your wish list would be to having forms in your Evernote?
If anyone would like to be part of the trial please let me know.
Thank you

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Please give us another look. www.birdforms.com / login.birdforms.com


We have worked very hard to bring you excellent looking pre made and custom form templates that work great with Evernote.

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