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mac (Archived) REQUEST: automatic default nested tag option (the 'keep tags tidy' appeal!)

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I'm new to Evernote...we'll I've had it a while but never had the time to look into it properly but now I'm all set up & ready to rock!




Keeping (new) tags tidy.


My system uses nested tags with various non-alphanumeric characters to keep everything in order. The problem is that there will always be new 'random' tags; tags I might not use that often or do not belong to my main groups.




The ability to set up an automatic default parent tag for all new tags. Very similar to the "By default, place all new notes into the following notebook" option. This would keep the tags tidy & out of sight - ready for a weekly clean!


Thanks...and thanks for a great product!


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Interesting suggestion -- I don't think I've seen this before.

For me, the default parent 'tag' of the tag tree root is sufficient, since my special tags (the ones I keep at the root of the tag tree) either start with a punctuation character or live in a branch off the root (hence have the open/close branch symbol at their left in the tag tree). Any new 'loner' tag (i.e. one without a punctuation prefix) stands out pretty well, and those get cleaned up on a semi-regular basis.

Actually, I usually operate with the tag tree entirely closed up anyways, and use saved searches or type my own. Any cleanup is really just a bit of OCD...

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