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windows (Archived) Ignore font from web clippings in desktop client?

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bounce    14

Is there a way for Evernote desktop to ignore font formatting from web clippings when added into its archive?


I have a dark theme installed for my browser from userstyles.org and for some
reason the font for clippings decreases to super small when added into
the desktop client. Years ago Evernote didn't minimize fonts with the
same browser theme...


Btw font set in Evernote is Verdana 10point. Anyone know what could be going on here?

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jefito    4,222

1: You didn't mention which web clipper you are using, but in Chrome, you can set the web clipper to preserve styles or not in Options. Don't think that you can do this in FireFox, though.


2. The font setting you mention appears to be from Tools / Options / Note / Note Editor Font, right?. This is the font used for unstyled text in an Evernote note.

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spg SCOTT    731

Don't think that you can do this in FireFox, though.

You can if you set it to send to Web instead of the desktop client.

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