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higher ed topics to cover in class?

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Hello all! I am teaching my first college course as an adjunct. The purpose of my course is using digital tools for global collaboration. Next week, we'll be covering Evernote. I just wanted to get some suggestions as to what type of group activities I can do with the students so they can test what they've learned.

I will be covering things like:

  • signing up
  • Notebooks
  • tags
  • WebClipper
  • e-mail system
  • Hello

It was suggested to show them Clearly and Skitch however, I need to test them out myself as I have not used those features. Just appreciate any input you all have.

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Skitch is very powerful and well worth adding to a training session.I use it for screenshots or to take pictures on my smart phone, mark them up and add them to Evernote.

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