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I have notes with LONG outlines. It sure would be nice to be able to use a spin-able triangle in addition to the bullets or numbers in the outline format. The triangle would spin to expand/contract the items organized below it.

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+1 to this.  


I'm a long-time Circus Ponies NoteBook user.  I use it for all my notes, almost all the time, but it doesn't work on the cloud (or on my phone or iPad, really).


I'd much rather use EN, but I'm dependent on an outliner behavior that treats each row as a separate item, rather than treating the whole outline like a text document.  


Examples of this are collapsible nodes, moving whole nodes/subtrees around with drag and drop (not just the parent line), move to new entry with return (not break line at current insert point), change indent level with tab/shift tab regardless of indent level (EN reverts to inserting tabs if you shift left too far), etc.



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