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I've never used this forum before so I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong spot.

Today, while taking notes in Evernote I came across one of those, "I wish Evernote could..." moments. And since I think this would be a really cool feature I decided to take my time and post here.

I think it would be super cool / useful if Evernote could take screenshots.

On the mac you can take screenshots with cmd + shift + 3 or cmd + shift + 4 for just a portion.

Suppose I'm editing a note in evernote then I switch to safari and I would press a combination like cmd + shift + 5 then I could select the area I want to grab a picture of and bam my screenshot is appended to where I left off in evernote, how useful / cool would that be? Also I think it would be cool / useful to have an extension to the right click menu when you click on pictures to add the picture to evernote, Not just add it to create a new note, also append it or add it to the note currently being edited.

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Click on the Elephant in your menu bar.....

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