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ie (Archived) How to use web clipper in IE10?

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sas    0

I've just got a new Windows 8 laptop with Evernote pre-installed. I'm wondering how to use web clipper on IE 10. Right-clicking doesn't work, because right-clicking in IE10 brings up the address bar, not a menu.

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No "Add to evernote" option anymore with right-click in IE10 (on Win7). Why? Please help...


I'm running Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7.  When I select text and right click, I have 3 options available from the right-click context menu:


Clip selection

Clip this page

Clip URL


All of these will direct the information into the Evernote application installed on your Windows system.

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Same problem.  IE10 on Windows 8.  BUT it WAS working to begin with.  I got infected with the Snap-do malware junk, and cleared and cleaned everything -- so a lot of settings had to be re-initiated.  Now, Add to Evernote - or Clip this Page - none of it works on right click.  Found Add to Evernote lurking in the command toolbar, so it's back on my screen - but when I access Gmail or Google calendar from my task bar, which brings up Gmail as home page and is a a stripped down version of the normal IE display -- Add to Evernote is NOT on the command toolbar.   Any tips?  This seems nutty.  Thanks!!

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RedTennies    0


In Manage Add-ons -- it's still "Enabled" but now it's "Unavailable"

Mine is unavailable too and no elephant with dashes around him on top of my IE where the toolbars are.

Attempted to download a new webclipper for IE but all the other browsers have a working hyperlink to download except Internet Explorer.

Windows 7 and IE 10 HELP

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