I'm the CEO of Octonius(company in incorporation) and I think this is the best place to talk about integrating Evernote into a productivity app. Octonius is intended to be your personal pocket assistant, a smart app that helps you accomplish your daily activities in a personalised way, closer to your life habits. The app is going to launch - end of february or early march. You can sign up on our page in order to be announced when we launch. I love to talk more about it, give early access to the app for those really interested in a smarter way to be productive - at work or personal life. I think the best way do describe it is: Life is about creating and sharing ideas. Keep in touch with everyone you care in a beautiful social experience. Work and share ideas together in a smart way. I believe that we can be more productive by rethinking the way we understand "activities". Everything we do in life is related to some people and some tasks / files / notes etc. So I can assume (ergo) that an Activity is composed by 2 elements: people / contacts
things to do / tasks / projects
Why? Because it’s very easy to think like that: I do something FOR somebody
I do something WITH somebody
The best productivity app for me is the one that brings together my contacts and my files, but with a lot of meaningful actions and functionalities. This is why I decided to create Octonius. A great looking iOS app, carefully crafted with love and with one concept in mind: Keep close to your contacts, by having their latest status updates from social networks right in front of me (without the need to jump to FB app all the time just to check a status update) - and make it easy to collaborate /work with these contacts in my Evernote notebooks / notes. I am building some smart sorting options, that will allow you to see, for instance: the most important contacts for this week are Y. X, Z - because you work intensively this week on a Notebook / project
your most important contacts are put in the top of the list because you contact them frequently etc etc.
I love to have a beautiful address book app, able to save my contacts in Evernote, able to share and see shared and updated notes from Evernote, able to check what friends updated their Facebook or Twitter status without leaving the app... And the list goes on. I will put here some screens from the app, starting with the dashboard.