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(Archived) Windows Client not showing joined Business LIbrary notebooks?

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I joined a notebook published to the Business Library in Evernote for Windows It showed I was joined, but the notebook didn't show up in my list of business notebooks. After 3 syncs and about 15-20min, I gave up and went to the website. It too showed I was joined, but no notebook. So, on the web, I unjoined, then joined, then hit the little chevron arrow after joining in the website graphic, and it showed up in my account. SYnc'd Windows and it showed up.

I joined a notebook a few days ago with an earlier build of the Windows client and it showed up no prob. So, oddity, or bug in the new version?

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Morning Ed,

Just found exactly the same thing on the iPad. I had forgot to publish a Notebook to the library so did so.

Couldn't get it to show up on the iPad, so re booted it. All now showing.

Just assumed a little glitch my end.



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Hrmm, the occassional blip sorta ruins most of the theories I have on this. It sounds like you've joined the notebook, but the windows client is deciding not to sync it for some reason. If this happens with the next GA, please let me know. We recently did some touching up around that area.

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