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mac (Archived) Photo Rotation bug (screenshot attached

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I really welcome and appreciate the addition of the Photo Rotation feature, it's been very useful to me, but I've been having an issue- When I rotate a photo, In this example it was a photo of a business card ( I copied and pasted it into the note twice for this screenshot) The photo came in portrait, and I needed it to be landscape, so I rotated it counter clock-wise in the proper direction and as you can see it rotates the image but keeps the previous aspect ratio essentially squishing all the information and making it un-readable.

I can't imagine it's supposed to do this!

Anyways, I believe I found a bug, is anyone else experiencing this?



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I'm also running a mac, OS 10.8.2. I'm experiencing the same issue. It doe not ALWAYS happen, but it does fairly regularly and I don't know what triggers it. It doesn't matter if I rotate it in an external application or in Evernote, it can happen either way.

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What is the status of this bug?


In all my notes captured from the iphone camera the images are scaled to the window in width only - not height - making the image seem stretched vertically.


The thumbnail has the correct proportions.


Mac OS 10.7.5

EN Version 5.5 Beta 2 (402334)

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