Hi everyone, We just shipped a wonderful update. Details are below with some highlights for various forum users (you know who you are). Get it here! http://evernote.com/...ile=EvernoteMac Hope you like it! New Features - Shortcuts are synced with your Evernote account - Searches can be scoped to "My Notes" which excludes shared Notes - Business users can scope searches to "Personal Notes" or "Business Notes" - Notes clipped using Evernote Clearly are beautifully styled - AppleScript can create checkboxes in ENML - In Expanded Card View, pressing Return opens Notes - New button to jump to a Note's Notebook from the Note Editor - Command-click to multi-select Tags in the Sidebar Other improvements - Large accounts sync much more reliably - Tags from Joined Notebooks now appear correctly - Corrected image and link pasting issues - PDF printing is more reliable - Fixed Snow Leopard Sidebar visual glitches - Fixed crash when taking screenshots - Korean image indexing is greatly improved - Reduced CPU/memory usage - Fixes to Saved Searches - Various fixes for Evernote Business - Improved handling of Tags in AppleScript