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other Clipping Google maps - how?

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Hi, I'm brand new to Evernote - just started today.

I have it running on Google Chrome under Ubuntu.

I'm having difficulty clipping a Google Maps page.

I have been able to clip a web page with an image (a map) without problems:


When I right-click on the page or the map and select "Evernote Web Clipper"->"Clip this page", it stores a link to the web page, so that when I open the note it displays the page.

If I try the same with page:


The link in the note gets set just the same, to this URL, but when I open the note, the page is not displayed - the note is just blank.

It's just the same if I edit the note and substitute the Google maps "short URL".

Of course, I can click the link and open the page, but that's not quite the desired behaviour.

Also, I have loaded the Evernote app in my Blackberry, and when I open the first of these notes - the one that works in Chrome - the map just isn't displayed. The rest of the page is there, but not the map. I thought it might just be taking it's time over the 3G link, but it's been about half an hour now and nothing appears. Any clues?

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From http://penchi.jp/archives/785.html ,  I think for Google Maps data, you may consider email to Evernote instead of applying Web Clipper. 

Another solution, if you don't mind to view map on line, and you have iPhone, GoLater will be a good choice for you to view Google Maps and the routing either by driving, walking or public transition.

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