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Using Tasker and Intent for absolute beginner

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Hello, I'm a long time user of Evernote and a new user of Tasker.

I have just learnt that I can use Tasker to create a new note! - Yippe I can do that.

Can anyone give me an exact example on how to use Tasker to send the EXTRA_TITLE and EXTRA_???? for the body text.

If you require more info please ask, I would really like to learn how to do this. I can provide screen shots etc if required.

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Just figured it out myself. This screenshot should give you a pretty good idea of usage.


%EVERNOTETITLE and %EVERNOTEBODY are variables I created, but they could just as easily be hard-coded text, e.g. "android.intent.extra.TITLE:test title" and "android.intent.extra.TEXT:test text"

If you want to fiddle with tags and other fields, take a look at these URLs for more information (these URLs are how I figured out the little bit that I did):



I don’t actually frequent these boards and just came across this post on a google search for the same issue, so forgive me in advance if I miss any follow up.

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That's amazing, Thankyou!

My little app now allows me to press my widget when I arrive on a customers job. Then pressing the widget at the completion of the job and a new Evernote note is created with the start and finish times, GPS co-ordinates etc.

I would love to be able to add the tag the note but Tasker only has two fields for EXTRA. and I am using one to set the Title and the second one to set the text.

Anyone know how I can combine the two or know how I might tag the note?


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thanks, I am not able to get TAG_NAME_LIST to work. How do you feed an array? I am entering as text. And it seems I need to enter in some java code.

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I have a couple thoughts on the posts above. I'm not a java programmer (or any programmer) so these are just potential directions to explore, not answers.

  • I think java uses JSON for passing variables. You could try JSON syntax for passing an array.
  • To get around the two extra field limitation, you could try separating entries in the extra fields using a semicolon. No idea if that would work.
  • The most reliable approach, but probably the most work would be to use the file import feature identified in the evernote android documentation:

If you want to take full control over the contents of a note, you can create a file formatted using Evernote's export file format, which is documented in the Evernote Export DTD:http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export.dtd.

  • You would need to use tasker's file reading, writing, and string manipulation functions to massage the file into the format you want. I've never used any of those before, so can't be much help there.
  • If I were doing this, I would:
    • create a template note in desktop Evernote with the desired tags, etc., then
    • export that to the Evernote export format, then
    • play with tasker to figure out how to edit the exported file as desired.

Good luck!

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I give up this is too hard. I have chosen to write a Scene to collect the information needed and just email it into Evernote with Silent Email.

This way I can specify Notebook and Tags in the subject. Unfotunately this wont give me the gps for the note but cant have everything i guess.

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Yep, I certainly understand that.

You might as well collect the longitude and latitude and include it at the end of the silent email. Evernote (windows) does allow you to manually modify the gps, so if you at least record the information, you could later plug it in manually or perhaps figure out some sort of script to do it after the fact.

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Hi, I'm new to android/tasker and I tried setting up an intent to open up a specific note.  Two things:


1) Any simple way to find the GUID of a note?  Only way I can find is to get the SDK, call the function to retrieve the GUID from a note in the code and output somewhere that for my reference

2) Even if I don't specify the GUID, the documentation says Evernote should open the top note?  Nothing seems to happen when I execute the tasker task.  I also tried opening the Evernote search through tasker also with no luck.  Any tips appreciated (I have evernote installed on my android, do I need anything else?)

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