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windows (Archived) Automatically add source url

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Hi folks!

I was wondering if there is a way to automatically add source url to files that are imported in Evernote?

For example, I have a file named 1.txt in a folder that is imported in Evernote. Now, I would like that Evernote automatically adds source url something like this one: "http://www.xyz.com/1.pdf". So, first part of source url would obviously be url (that is same for every file in folder), second part is file name without extension and the third part is extension that I choose (pdf, jpg, gif, etc).

I tried to use ITFFF and some other services but I can't get what I want.

Any ideas?

Every help is appreciated!

Tnx in advance.


P.S. Did I mentioned I love Evernote?! :)

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