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mac (Archived) Printing Attached PDF's from Evernote

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Hi there, I'm wondering how to print a pdf attachment from an evernote note? I have attached a several page pdf to a note but when I go to print, the preview says it's one page and there are only a couple lines on it, not my document.

I've installed the latest version from the Evernote website but still get the same issue.

Do I have to open the pdf in Acrobat first, then print? I can do that but it seems like a longer process and I have to change the icon inside the note to view as attachment first, then open it in acrobat, then print. Is there a faster way?

I'm not very pleased with this new version of evernote. Just had to get that dig in. I was so happy with the previous version; it was a lot more user friendly.



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