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I have used Evernote for years. I've never had a problem on my phone or with my previous MacBook Pro (which was also running Evernote 4.x) or with my older MacBook Air.

Now I have a 15" retina mac with 10.8.2 and Evernote is CONSTANTLY freezing on me. My sync is set to every 15 minutes and it happens more frequently than that so I don't think sync is the problem. I'm running Evernote 5.0.4 (just upgraded from 5.0.0 I think). The freeze can happen with I try to sync, when I hit enter, or just randomly. It's a pain in the ass and I've been using the web version instead because of this. The freeze will last for at least 30 seconds before i can use Evernote again. Any ideas??

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