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I'm loathe to start a thread entitled "sync problems" when I know that is 95% of what EN has been working on the last month regarding EN for Business, but I thought I would check to see what issues other people are having currently.

I am using Evernote for Windows RC on a Windows 7 PC. I moved a bunch of notes from personal folders into business folders, and then discovered that they werent syncing. Reading the forums, I saw that "copying" is currently preferred over actually moving notes, so I did that and it worked. But now it seems like a bunch of notes that I've created new or otherwise copied still aren't syncing. WTF?

Before someone asks, I'll tell you all that I am not dealing with more than 600 or so notes TOTAL over bother personal and business. I have about 440 notes in personal (which are all working fine) and about 160 in the business side, which is where the problems are.

Thoughts anyone?

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Hi Jonathon,

Yes there is a problem with syncing and moving data between personal and business.

At this stage until we get an update I suggest every time you move data, you should sync and see if it worked. If not move it back to the original location. A bit annoying I know, but stick with it.

I did get over it eventually but it was by trial and error. Oh and a lot of help from support.

Still got a few problems but working through them.

Best regards


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