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Hello and Merry Christmas!!

I just got an acer touch computer from my parents and evernote is an app that has already been build into it. The set up is really weird on evernote and it is not how I have it on my ipod, or old computer. I can no longer attach photos into my notes, it there is no button to enlarge text, change the colour of text, bold, underline, etc.

Can anyone help me? I'm rather confused and the fact that half of this is touch doesn't really help... :( .

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gazumped    5,788

Hi - and Merry Christmas for yesterday - I'm guessing you have Windows 8 on the Acer, and you seem to be suffering partly from the differences between the various platforms on which Evernote is installed, and partly from the culture shock of touch computing. Evernote will look different on the Acer as compared with other machines, and the options available to you may be limited by both the operating system and the functions available on the computer. Best advice for the moment is Don't Panic! - if you need to do something that can't be accomplished on one machine, have a go on another. You'll find work-arounds and discover options you weren't aware of - and Evernote will maybe harmonise the different platforms a bit so we all have access to the same options...

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