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mac (Archived) How Use Mac OS X Automator to Format & Send Email to EN?

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Automator + Evernote Mavens,

Do you have, and would you be willing to post, a Mac OS X Automator Script that addresses the following use-case (story card)?

As a Mac Mail User, while viewing a specific Email, I would like to have the ability to click on a button in the Mac Mail Toolbar which automatically creates a "Forward" Email to send the selected Email to my Evernote Account . . . AND strips out of the "Forward" my signature block . . . THEN sends the Email via Mac Mail to EN.

Your thoughts?

  • FYI: The next Automator script I work on...will be my first, ever (note; ha!).

Many, many thanks!

Plane Wrtyer

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Hi Playne, 


Did you ever find a solution to this?  I played around with Automator for a bit - but haven't yet got the message body to be included in the outgoing email.  


If you found something, or a have a link - please let me know. 




John Clayton

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