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mac (Archived) Feature request: Auto-titling of clips

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Love Evernote (EN 5.04 Mac) and clip a couple of dozen web pieces every day. Typically I use Clearly to clean up the content, select what I want, Copy to clipboard, and Paste to Evernote.

Almost always, these clips have an article title at the top, but the clip is always named "Untitled Clipped Note". So I have to take the two additional steps of copying the article name and pasting/replacing the default name.

If Evernote can guess which notebook an article probably belongs to, couldn't it easily see a headline or title in the clip and and insert that in the Title field by default? That would save me time during every clip, and even if it made an occasional mistake, correcting it would take no more time than I spend on *every* clip. I can't imagine that many users prefer "Untitled Clipped Note" to a reasonable, content-savvy guess!

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