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Hi Folks!

We have just released a new update of Evernote for Windows Phone.

Here is what's in 2.6 beta so far, have a nice testing!


Pin Lock

Premium users can now setup a pin lock for the app.

From settings, swipe to the pin lock screen and activate the feature.

Shared notebook

The shared notebooks you joined should now appear in your list. Depending on the permissions, you should be able to view and edit notes in them.

First launch experience.

You should experience it the first time you launch the app.

See different use cases with Evernote. Tap each card to see more details.

Bulleted and Numbered lists support

Rich Text Support

We added some extra style support, so a note with styling such as bold, underline, font size can still edit in the note editor (and not the line by line editor).

Note Editor Redesign

We changed a bit the UX, and that can be disorientating at first.

The goal is to simplify the experience and optimise the workflow.

We also updated the attachment icons to make it look better.


We fixed the <p> tag being inserted in notes

We fixed the WP8 crash in note editor


Sending a picture from picture hub will create a duplicate note

To download, select this link on your phone (registered beta users only):


Thank you!



To report a crash, follow the following steps:

- from the main level (notes) tap "…" on the bottom right hand corner, select "About Evernote".

- select "Email Evernote activity log", select the email app to use and send the report to the indicated address.

To sign up to the beta program, please send me a private message stating:

- windows live ID

- preferred email address to be notified (I will use the windows live ID if not indicated)

About the beta app, this app will install in addition to any previous betas, and the official marketplace Evernote App. It is installed as totally separate app with its own data.

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Hi Xavier :)

Downloaded and installed.

I get a crash/error message when trying to view notebooks:


Something went wrong with Evernote.

Would you like to email the details?"

I accepted and the email was sent to wp-support (which is the correct one I assume ;))

WP 7.5

Nokia Lumia 710

Let me know if you need anymore info.


EDIT: Got a ticket number: #16051-205704

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Hey there,

Great to see the fix to the note editor. I can now once again feel confident creating New Notes off a Pinned Tile!

That said, can't seem to get the PIN Lock to work. I can set a PIN, but checking or unchecking "Enable your PIN" seems to make no difference. I can continue to open and edit Notes normally. Am I missing a step somewhere?

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@scott, thanks, I reported this to QA so they can investigate the problem.

@JeffM, we are tweaking the copy. We actually have a 10 mn timer setup so the PIN is requested only after 10mn of inactivity. Thanks for the feedback.

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@JeffM, we are tweaking the copy. We actually have a 10 mn timer setup so the PIN is requested only after 10mn of inactivity. Thanks for the feedback.

Ideally, the timeout would be user configurable. Since my phone locks sooner than the EN would, I am unclear on the user scenario for this timeout. In my case, I would prefer that it just locks whenever I back out of EN or send it to the background. Password apps generally work this way.

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Hi Xavier,

After reinstalling the beta client, I no longer get the error message when trying to view notebooks. Not sure what happened with it or why, but I don't see the issue any more.


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I installed this over the top of the previous beta and was unable to view or create notes. Logging out, logging back in and re-downloading seems to have fixed that though.

I'm still seeing the previously reported issue, when in the editor I am seeing a new line when hitting return (as expected) but after the note is saved each new line is treated as a paragraph break. Example:

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

After saving, the note (on the phone, web and in the Windows desktop client) will appear as

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

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