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mac (Archived) Tag only part of a note?

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Hi all,

A search of the forum provided no results to my question...and I'm a bit new to the program:

Is there a way to tag only part of a note? For example, if I'm in a meeting and we're talking about what needs to be done on a project and I'm typing what Bob, Mary, and Tom has to do...can I tag just a section of the note with their name so when they go to their computer/device they can enter their name as in the tag search and it brings up only that part of the note? That way they don't have to go scroll through lines and lines of text in the note to find where their assignemnt is? Maybe a hashtag or something?

Hope that makes sense.



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If you annotate that part of the note that relates to, say, BnF :-) with "BnF" as a word then surely she will spot that when any search on "BnF" throws up the note as a whole. Maybe colouring the text in that part a distinct colour in addition works. Notes without "BnF" in them won't be thrown up by the search.

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