Record a Voice Note on an iPhone using a Bluetooth Headset

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In recent versions of Evernote for iPhone, I found that I was able to (sometimes) record a voice note through my bluetooth headset. I never figured out what I had to do to make it work - I just noticed that it 'sometimes' recorded from the headset and sometimes from the iPhone internal mic. Now, with the latest Evernote and iPhone OS, Evernote ALWAYS records from the internal mic.

Was the bluetooth headset recording considered a 'bug' and removed?

Is there a way to enable recording from a bluetooth headset? If not, I would like to request a bluetooth headset recording feature - I found it VERY valuable to recording notes handsfree.. Especially while driving..

Thanks in advance!


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That's interesting to hear ... I didn't know that a headset ever worked.

We don't have a way to explicitly choose (or reject) which audio input device is being used by our app. We just make a call to the iPhone OS that says "record some audio" and it uses whatever it can use. We haven't changed this code in a few months, so I suspect that this may be the result of a firmware update of the OS, or some other mysterious configuration variable on your phone.

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I see this thread in ancient, but couldn't find anything on the topic more recent.  I too would very much like to record audio into Evernote using my bluetooth headset on the iPhone 5s.  Is this still not possible 5 years later?

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