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android (Archived) Phone Sync Fails - Found Answer

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Hello! I just bought a new micro SD card for my phone and i wanted to sync all of my notes from evernote after inserting my new Sd card.

However, once I do this, I turned my phone off->on and pulled up Evernote. My account signed in, but when I manually click "Sync" it doesn't go. I tried it even with wifi. There are no error messages.

So what i hope is for you, the team, to add this solution or suggestion for future people with Androids whose sync is failing.

Simply sign out from your profile, and sign in right afterwards. This automatically synced all of my notes :)

thank you!

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I know your post is old, but what do you mean specifically by "sign out from your profile?"  On the web, there is a section called Personal Settings.  If that's what you mean, then how do I sign out from there?


Obviously, i have the same problem you described.



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