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mac (Archived) View geolocation of note on map?

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It's nice to view an atlas with position markers for notes but I would like to see the geolocation of a note. For example I took a note with my iPhone / iPad. Later I open the note to see on the map where I took the note:

- I see a nice shop in the new village I just moved to

- I take a picture and add some explanations (nice art gallery with stuff made of wood)

- days or weeks later I find the note via search or tag and I want to go there

- right now opening the note's information ('i') mostly only shows me the county name and I can't even see the village or street name as text

- I would like to see at least the location on a map so I can go there...

Is there a way to view the selected note's geolocation on a map or didn't I get it? Without that geolocations seem quite useless for me...

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Hi, fwhmm:


If you have an iPhone, GoLater, the 3rd party APP of Evernote, should help you in this case.

Welcome to have a look of how GoLater can save a special store and show you the map


One thing you may find GoLater different from Evernote App, it generate map by your input geo tag, not latitude and longitude.

Geo tag is in the format of g:/address

Either the pictures you taken into Evernote, or clipping a web page to Evernote, just add g:/address, then you will have all of them in your map. 

GoLater is free, welcome to download  on APP Store

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