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web Adding images to Evernote Web

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I'm primarily using Evernote Web to handle my notes. I read from the KB articles that I can add images (and PDF) to Evernote even with the free account, but... is this meant only for Evernote for Windows?

I've tried to add images into a note using Evernote Web and I can't get success; I can paste the image and can see it as long as I keep the note open, but as I close it / save it the image is lost.

Can I add images with Evernote Web or not?

Thank you

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In the Evernote Web client in edit mode, click on the attachment icon (the paperclip) to upload your image. Once the image has been added you can move it around in the note as needed.

-- Tom

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You've got to have some wide monitor to get the Attachment paperclip into your view. I took me 10 minutes of my life including reading this forum to figure that out.

I almost thought of mailing myself the photo and doing from my phone. Shame for Evernote web client that you cannot expand all the tools if some of them are hidden in the toolbar because of space limit.

It's also a pitty you cannot drag (move) the border between notes list and note view.

I love Evernote otherwise.

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Well, the "paper clip" is only visible on monitors that is wider than 1024 pixels. For these monitors you have to zoom out the page (CTRL -) to find the "paper clip".


There is another way: 1º) Click on the note to open a edit mode.  2º) click and drag the picture out of the border of the note...


That's it.


BTW, I searched 2 times for this issue in the internet because this is not obivius to the user, and I forget it...


Evernote could make the paper clip visible for all monitors without zooming out.



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Thanx Clayton,

you're right. It's not obvious at all that you need to drop outside of the text area (also note's toolbar or title works). When drag&dropping (using Firefox) into the text area (which was what I've tried intuitively) the picture sometimes does appear in the text area as if attached but it's not really and is gone after leaving the note.


Hopefully I'm not going to forget this trick till I need it next time.

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