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(Archived) Help! Hilfe! Can't get Evernote notebooks in Germany

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I would really like to give some of these as Christmas presents. Does anyone know where I can get some shipped to Germany? From UK or other European country would be best so I don't have to go all the way to customs to pick them up.

Weird result from Moleskine store attached. There is a big announcement, "NOW AVAILABLE!", and then below near the "Buy" button "not available". ???

amazon.de has them listed, too, but still marked "not available yet"

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Hello Sir,

My name is Enrico. I have bought my EN Notebooks @Moleskine's web page as well as with a bookstore called Thalia here in Germany. Thalia offers to ship the book to a desired address or for personal pickup and payment into one of their stores.

If you would want to follow this link: http://www.thalia.de/shop/tha_homestartseite/suche/?sq=evernote&sswg=ANY×tamp=1385131524137

You cal also order directly via Moleskine they ship the books from Italy within 5 days.

If you need further help, just contact me any time.

I hope I could help.

Regards Enzo

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