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mac (Archived) Encrypted libraries + todos

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Encrypted libraries

I know that you can encrypted selected text in a note, but does anyone know if Mac Evernote 5 will allow you to encrypt an entire library. This would allow me to move a lot of information out of Wallet to help consolidate my confidential accounts and notes-information into Evernote and one fewer products.


Historically I have used Things and now Reminders to track todos... But the linking of todos (actions) and notes (in Evernote) would really simplify things. Again does anyone know if Evernote 5 will move us closer to one integrated notes-todo system?

Since I have local libraries, I can't install the beta version of 5 to see what is there myself.

Thanks. Rich

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Double that reg. todos!

And sorry to disappoint you, no, nothing new in the todo-world on EN5. There are only those check-boxes, just like in the current version.

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