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travel Mapping your bike ride with Evernote notes - a community beg

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I've been experimenting with ways of combining the GPS data from my bike ride (including the line data--GPX or KML) and geolocated Evernote notes. With Atlas on Mac V5, this is becoming an even more interesting prospect. The gist:

What I want to end up with is a map that shows my route AND includes accessible notes along the route--sounds I heard, things I saw, businesses I caught that would be interesting to visit. Imagine a whole library of these. Would be awesome--routes and notes that detail landmarks.

The one problem I've run into is finding a mapping tool that would allow me to overlay Evernote note data and the GPS route data. That's the nugget I still need to find.

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New here, I know this is old but Map My Fitness pretty much does what you are asking. I have not tried this yet but I am relativly certain you can email your ride to yourself and then tag it into evernote.

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