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windows 8 (Archived) Win8 Store and Win8 Desktop app bugs

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In the Win8 Store app (Metro) all of my 'attachments' (e.g. a .wav file) which were created by email show up as zero bytes (0B) and thus cannot be opened.

In the Win8 Desktop version the attachments show up but won't launch a Store app who accepts launch-by-file-type. The Store app selection shows up just fine but when selected, nothing happens.

= Michael Lehman

= Chief App Developer/Consultant and Managing Director

= DreamTimeStudioZ, LLC

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I don't know if Desktop apps can launch Windows Store apps. If they can, I'd love some bedtime reading.

Regarding Evernote for Windows 8, would you mind PMing me your activity logs? Charm Bar >> Settings >> Customer Service

We shouldn't be giving you 0kb attachments. File attachments & Open With are high on our priority list.


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