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I was wondering if there is a way to delete tags from a web application integrated with Evernote. I know that noteStore.expunge_tag throws a PERMISSION_DENIED exception and that Evernote doesn't give permission to permanently delete something, but I was hoping that there is another way to delete the tags (like the delete_note which moves the notes into the trash folder).


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What is the eta of this functionality? In terms of organization and functionality I think this should be pretty high on the list of roll outs. I noticed no one responded to the above question and it's been a few weeks.

Thanks -

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I am using Evernote SDK for iphone. Now I am trying to create a new tag and need to assign it to a note. For that, I am setting,

'name' attribute (Name of the tag)

'parentGuid' attribute (guid of the note which i am going to assign to this tag)

When I tried to call 'createTag', Tag was not created. it responded as 'com.evernote.sdk error 1'

Then I tried to call 'createTag' without setting 'parentGuid' attribute, which successfully creates the tag.

Why it is not working? Is there any other way to assign a tag to a note? Pls help.


I find the answer to my question. To assign a tag to note, need to set

'note.tagGuids' (while creating note),

where 'tagGuids' is the array of tag guids. This assigns the tag to the note.

Still have a doubt; what is the use of 'ParentGuid'?



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parentGuid helps you to organise your tag in hierarchy!



If this is set, then this is the GUID of the tag that holds this tag within the tag organizational hierarchy. If this is not set, then the tag has no parent and it is a "top level" tag. Cycles are not allowed (e.g. a->parent->parent == a) and will be rejected by the service. 






From here:http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/reference/Types.html#Struct_Tag



Peter Wiesner

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