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firefox (Archived) Latest Beta version of Web Clipper 5.4 is still slow

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FF 15.0.1

Win 7 SP1

URL: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s13/sh/a85447d9-3dae-44ac-8380-2aaa1a00840c/1f0f0afa513b35744903b1ba47ac29cf

Version of Web Clipper I downloaded from the URL above is still slow. I have disabled searching Evernote which is even slower.

Clipping whole page takes 12 seconds

Clipping couple of lines 8 seconds

(time to "Processing clipped data" appearing)

A previous version would do a few lines instantly - sub 2 seconds.

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I started with the released version and installed the beta because it was suggested it fixed the slow issues!

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