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higher ed Possibly doing a workshop for my college?

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I'm currently a sophomore college student that has been enjoying Evernote since this past Spring. I use it to keep all of my class notes together, especially when it comes to my programming classes. It's like creating my own version of "Java doc." It's a wonderful application with everything you can do for the price of FREE.

I've been starting to use it on my new Nexus 7 Android tablet, and friends have been noticing me using Evernote on it. When they asked about Evernote, I went on a big ramble on what it is and how it works. They were absolutely amazed by its power. What amazed me was noticing that no one on my campus knows what Evernote is. It's the best thing a college student can have, and they don't know about it.

I was thinking of hosting a small workshop at my school introducing Evernote and its features. Not to sell the school on it, but to make the students aware of its existence. I need to speak to my school about it, but it would be great to show it off to students and even staff. My technology department does workshops all the time for different applications, so it would be easy to set one up for me.

Question is, would there be a way to receive some promotional materials to provide if I were to host a workshop? Maybe some information slides, or a small stack of Premium codes to start people off with new accounts?

Thank you for your time. The messenger on the forums would probably be the best way to receive specific information from me.

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This is a great idea and we'd definitely appreciate your help spreading the word.

We can definitely send out a promo pack. Contact me directly at <schools@evernote.com> so we can arrange the details.

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