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k-12 HOW TO Setup Evernote for anecdotal note taking in different areas per child

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Very new to evernote and have chosen to trial this in my classroom this year. What I want to do is use this as a form of anecdotal note-taking. I want to set up a notebook for each of my children which then can be subdivided into the differents areas (math, reading, writing, social/emotional) for each child. Then when I take notes I can just plop them into the according sub-folders.

Any help?



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I'd suggest using tags instead of notebooks. Each student gets a tag and each subject gets a tag. This way you can put pieces of information in more than one category. If you have several classes you could keep each class in a separate notebook, but you might consider using tags there as well.

I've found over time that the tags work a lot better than dividing information up into notebooks. I get to be more creative in how I label any one piece of information. So a paper on the life of sharks might get both a writing tag and a science tag.

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Organization is certainly a preference. I prefer to set up notebooks for each child and make a stack for the entire class (like a book shelf). This is helpful when writing about a particular child. You can see each of the notes you have made about that child on the left side of your screen while creating a new note about the child on the right side of the screen. This is especially nice when writing progress reports. If you have everything in one notebook and sort by tags, you don't have the opportunity to write and review previous notes at the same time.

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