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mac (Archived) Importing a Wordpress XML archive to Evernote

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I'm trying to export, scrape, or otherwise gather nearly a year's worth of my private Tumblr posts to bring this content into Evernote with the tags intact. The posts' timestamps would also be nice to have, but this is not critical.

So far, I have tried my luck with Hao Chen's Tumblr2Wordpress tool, and I have been able to get a Wordpress XML file of the content I want to import. The next step is to find something that can use the contents of the Wordpress XML to convert it into something that Evernote can read/import.

I have been searching all day and have not been able to find what I'm looking for.

Is there a script, tool, or method that can take a Wordpress XML export and format it for use in Evernote? Or is there perhaps another approach I should be taking to get my content out of Tumblr and into a format Evernote can use?

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