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mac (Archived) Backing up Evernote File

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Hi there,

I am going to re-load my Mac OS Lion, and like to backup my Evernote files. However, I don't find any Evernote folder in the Library/Application Support. My Evernote has already been synced on the web - will I lose my Evernote contents if I reload my Mac OS without saving the Evernote file that is located on my MacBook?

Last question - Is my Evernote file named as evernote.enex? I found this via spotlight, and this file is only 15kb.

Thank you very much in advance for all the help here.


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No you won't lose everything if you install ML, assuming everything is sync'd with the Evernote service. But you should always back up your data, I backup the whole Evernote folder in Library/Application Support.

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