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mac (Archived) Transfer all notebooks to new account

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Since Evernote, as many systems on the internet (unfortunately) do not allow you to change your username (which you should always be able to do for security reasons), I am wondering if there is an obvious method to export all notebook data from Evernote and import it back into a new account, aside from C&P every note manually. This question may have been answered before but I see no obvious method so I turn to the community for an answer.

Thanks very much,


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Hey MG,

You are able to change your username if you have a premium account.

However, you can export your notes. If you go to each notebook and select all notes then you can go to "File" and then "Export Note to Archive" (that's the mac version, I don't know the menu bar structure for windows, but I know it can do this as well).

It'll give you options to preserve tags, etc (which you'll want to do), and the you can just create a notebook with the same name and import the file that you got when you exported the notes.

Something to note though: all of these notes will have to "re-sync" to the cloud which means your monthly upload limit will skyrocket (and will probably max out assuming you've used Evernote for more than a few months).

Because of that issue with importing so many notes at once, you might want to consider buying premium for one month simply for the ability to change your username that month.

Also - in response to your comment of allowing users to change their name: It's actually fairly common for a service to not allow this feature (or to charge for it) because it tents to make the service unstable if too many people begin trying to change their username (I ran into this recently with YouVersion).

I hope that helps.

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You might also want to consider contacting customer support (see my signature) and asking them for advice.

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