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android (Archived) Move New Notebook Into Stack on Evernote for Android

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On the new 4.0.4 Evernote for Android, how the heck do you move a notebook into a stack??

Or, how do you create your new notebook under a stack??

I've run into this a couple of times. Driving me crazy.

I'd swear I could do this on the older version, but, I have slept since then. :P

i did the "Google Site Search" and have Googled this and I guess I'm not asking the question right.

Thanks in advance!

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In the notebook list, for each notebook there is a grey triangle next to the note count.

You can tap this area to bring up more options for the notebook.

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That is * exactly * what I was looking for from the previous version.

It didn't click with me that you use the gray triangle for that - I'm so use to "press and hold" (which, for what it's worth, seems more in line with the OS).

Thanks * very * much for the quick reply. :)

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