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mac (Archived) SFTP and HTTPS Base URL error

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I'm using Skitch 1.0.10 and a SFTP upload. I've switched my website to HTTPS only, and updated the Custom URL.

But now, when I upload, it makes an error:

Posted file is not appearing where it should.

Please check your "Base URL" setting

But the file have been successfully uploaded, and it's available at the url.

Thanks for this great app!

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Thanks for the feedback.

As you noticed, the image upload is successful. However, the error you are seeing is related on how Skitch verifies that the uploaded image is available on the server. The verification process cannot handle https links currently.

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Mark, my advice will be moving away from Skitch and every Evernote product.

They destroyed Skitch, who was an awesome app, and now it sucks like a Microsoft product.

Thanks evernote!

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