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mac (Archived) HELP: I lost all of my content when I updated [RESOLVED]

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Can somebody please help me!!! :@

I went onto the app store this morning and saw that there was an update to Evernote, once I updated it I noticed that all of my notes were gone. I'm not sure if i had an account before but then I created a new one because it said that my e-mail address that I typed in did not exist, so maybe I did not have an account before... Now that I have created a new login I have lost all of my old content!

I don't understand, because I have been using evernote for the past year and I don't think I ever logged in online, I just used the programme on my mac and had so many notes that I created with some valuable info on it. And now that I updated it to version 3.1.0 (24062), all of the notes I had are gone!!!

Is there any way for me to get all of those notes back?? :(

I hope there is a way to get it all back!!! :( :( :(

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Guest mrossk

You must have had an account because it is not possible to use evernote without an account.

Log off from your newly created account and than log in again with your old accout then all data will be there again.

Of course you must know your old login data for this. Otherwise you shoud make a support ticket.


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No worries!!! I found out how to get the old version back! Pheeuw!! Thank God!!! :)

If anybody else has similar issues, check out the link below:

& don't forget to export your notebooks people!!!!

cheers! :P

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