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android (Archived) Bug Report: Title Bar Hides and Unhides When (Un)Checking Checkboxes

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This is not really a major bug, or even that much of an annoyance, but I'm just being helpful because it hardly seems like it is intended behavior. The title bar appears at the top of a note when you single tap anywhere on it (when not in edit mode). Tap again and it disappears. This is all as it should be.

Problem is, this happens when you are checking/unchecking checkboxes too. And when you are unchecking every box on a long checklist (to prepare it to be used again..It'd be nice if there were a "uncheck all" button somewhere...) it hides/unhides/hides/unhides/hides/unhides over and over again. It just looks stupid, to be completely blunt.

Anyway, food for thought. Tackle it if it's an easy fix.

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