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mac (Archived) HELP: Can no longer delete notes in Lion [RESOLVED]

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This might seem stupid, but I upgraded to Lion, and I am running Evernote Version 3.0.6 (221382) but I can't figure out how to delete notes, find no delete icon, no trash can, if I go to edit, I see a Delete function but is not activated Delete (appears in grey).

It is only me! Should't a delete icon be visible, I was in the other version of Evernote I used.

Confused and annoyed!


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Right clicking on a note will give you a Delete Note option. You can also customize the toolbar to include a delete button — either by right clicking on the toolbar and clicking Customize Toolbar... or going to View > Customize Toolbar...

The Delete option in the Edit menu is for text within a note — not for deleting an actual note.

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