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mac (Archived) HOWTO: Email from Evernote or link contacts from CardDav

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I'm using osx 10.6.8. My Address Book is set up using Caddav so that my contact seamlessy sync OTA between my mac, iphone and ipad.

However, when trying to email a note via evernote, there are no email addresses in the address book. There also seems to be no way of setting mail.app as the default email programme.

At the moment I'm having to cut and paste the note contents into a new email in mail.app, which is far from ideal.

I could copy all my carddav address book contacts to my mac, but this will then give me duplicate contacts in other programmes and will also cause potential issues if I accidentally update the mac contact and not the carddav copy.

Is there a way round this.

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Same frustrating experience. Not at all like Evernote.

I can select adresseee via Adrbook but then it says "sending" mail and then it gives up, without 1. Sending 2. Telling me anything! :(

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