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mac REQUEST: Skitch files work with Finder Quick Look (preview)


I guess this is very little effort to implement.

Because if you change the file suffix .skitch to .svg, Finder already shows the correct Quick Look and icon-preview picture.

This means that Quick Look already has a proper handler for base64 encoded images within .svg files,

and I guess the Skitch application just needs to register the .skitch suffix with that handler, that should be all.

This would be very handy, as users could then:

quickly browse through screenshots in Finder (as with .PNGs)

but still edit them (not possible with .PNGs, only with .SKITCH)

no need to keep 2 redundant versions of it (PNG for Quick Look, .SKITCH for later re-editing)

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great! good tip.. can't believe this has had a reply - there's been a thread open on get satisfaction forever regarding this.

Please implement this!

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Has this been implemented meanwhile?


I am asking as I still use Skitch 1.0.9 within Mac OS X 10.6.8 and newer versions of Skitch require 10.7+,

and a newer Skitch (i.e. the pixelate feature) + proper QuickLook handling of .skitch files would be a motivation to update to OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

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