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paperless ScanSnap vs Neat Desk

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Hello All...although I've had the account for almost 2 years I am just now REALLY getting set up with Evernote and would like to purchase a desk scanner. I am looking at the ScanSnap S1500 and the Neat Desk. I know that Evernote recommends the ScanSnap but I was kind of intrigued by the ratings on this site:


Any thoughts...I would like to order it within the next few days.

Thanks so much!

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I own two scansnap s1500's and I love them. THey've enabled me to go paperless both at home and my office in no time at all. Superfast, reliable, easy to use and customizable. Buy one and you'll never look back. Also, you may be able to save a few shekels by something less impressive but if you've got a lot to scan you'll wind up wasting an enormous amount of time.

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I can make this very easy since I've just been through this (at Amazon). Bottom line is that you don't need the deluxe bundle. Actually, the only thing you need is Acrobat X which comes with Snapscan (a fantastic freebie). Acrobat will pretty much do everything you need. Frankly I wouldn't even bother to install any of the other programs that they send you with the scanner (I've never bothered with any one of them other than Acrobat). However, some people seem to like the snapscan organizer which can be used instead of Acrobat for many things. I played with it for a few days and never used it again.

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I've got both the ScanSnap and Neat Desk (formerly Neat Receipts).

All my full size documents and receipts go through ScanSnap.

I only use Neat for my thermal paper receipts.

The ScanSnap software works nicely with Evernote.

The Neat software could use some improvement.

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