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firefox (Archived) BUG [Firefox]: Clipper Converts EN Forum Post Numbered List to Bullets

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All clips I make using the FireFox Clipper (Ver 5.1 Beta and previous) to clip a post in the EN Forums that have a numbered list are converted to bullet lists.

Below is my current environment, but I have observed this over many different versions of EN Mac and many different versions of FF Clipper.


* EN Mac 3.1.0 Beta 1 (241960)

* Mac OS 10.7.3

* MacBook Air 13-inch (2011)

* FF Mac 11.0

* Evernote Web Clipper (beta)

PS. Another bug/problem:

As shown above under "Environment", when I paste a bullet list from EN Mac to a EN Forum post, the bullets are converted to asterisks (*).

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