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Liam Gretton

windows (Archived) Bug report: cannot add an attachment twice

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If an attachment is added to a note and deleted for any reason, it cannot be added again without jumping through some hoops and adding a different attachment first.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Create a new note
  2. Drop an attachment in
  3. Delete the attachment
  4. Drop the attachment back again

The second time the attachment is added, it will just be shown as 'Attachment.bin' with a file size of 0 bytes.

A workaround is to attach a different file. After that, it will be possible to attach the original file (and the dummy one can be deleted).

I discovered this problem after dropping a file into the wrong place within a note. Not only could I not delete it and drop it back in, I found that it's not always possible to paste an attachment into a different location within a note. Sometimes it works, but often the copy/cut operation doesn't seem to put the attachment onto the clipboard.

This is for version (235205).

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I am seeing the same issues. The bug remains in v4.5.7.7146 (258477)

I have found that navigating away from the note to another note and then navigating back again solves the problem but it is slightly annoying.

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Thanks for the report - ticket #546 is open for this issue.

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Same problem here. Windows 7 64 bit Permium, Evernote v4.5.10.7472.

Dragged an image from web into a note. Decided I didn't like where it was put so I deleted and dropped again into a different location (same note). Rather than my image, got "Attachment.bin" 0 bytes.

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